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Our beloved Great Father has passed away today.

I won't lie.
I do not feel very well, so as my country.

He had done so may things for us, for the whole country.
I know this day will come, but I do not expect it to be today.

We have lost our King.
A great loss.

Rest in Peace.

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Graduated and finally found a job 5 months ago. My fangirl part is literally crying..... Well, the job wasn't bad but... I don't know, it seems like I don't have as much freetime as I was in the university. Also, how I go to work drains me a lot of energy.... Ya know, waiting for a bus over and over. Public transportation here sucks.

And by the time I get home, I'm usually hesitated to open my super slow computer. Have yet to buy a new one... orz
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Unhappy birthday

One day late. My birthday was yesterday but I'm having a terrible moment. I'm still sick. T__T
Being sick on your birthday isn't really a good thing. I went to work yesterday but today I'm off for my own health.

Well, at least it's not getting worse. I think I'm recovering and will be able to go to work tomorrow. O<--<
Last internship shift. It's going to end soon....


Well, haven't been updating anything for months. Mostly because I was too lazy. I'm still on twitter though. ^^;;;

Updating about my recent activities, I wasn't being so happy with the internship....
Well, no, I think I was just not so happy being in the hospitals. Noisy, busy, too many things to do, and I was drained. O<--<

There are jobs I have to do at the worksite, and there are also a lot of schoolwork I need to do to complete each rotation of my internship. That's the pain in the ass. OTL

Each rotation has tasks to be completed following the guideline of the national pharmacy internship. And what's worse is that my school has other additional tasks which increase student's workload. I was a bit lucky that all 3 rotations I have just passed hadn't got much work to be done. But still, it didn't mean that I was happy. The worst one is the last one which is the 7th rotation, and probably will start around November. Don't wanna think about it, to be honest.

Maybe I was only feeling it's enough for this field. _:3_/L
Literally unhappy. And if possible, I suppose it's better for me to not working in the hospital, for my own mental status to stay healthy.

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Too busy with last year's internship that I almost have got no time for fangirling.. OTL
And, you know what? I haven't had a proper moment to get into Tumblr for weeks. T__T
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New Year Greeting Cards

If anyone wants one from me, go and fill your info: >> HERE <<
I know it's sooooo late but at least, I'll have a chance to send something to you.

I accept all submissions. Any country is fine. as long as we're in the same fandom. XD

It's okay if you want one, but don't know if we know each other or not. Maybe this is a chance we could get to know each other! Also, you can leave me some messages on that page so I'll know how to contact you later. :D

Don't worry about leakage of your info. I promise I'll keep it secret! I may delete the file after I have finished all these stuffs. :)
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Various doodles I made recently... uh

Just got into JRR Tolkien's universe... I know I'm late, but Thranduil's just too fabulous! XD Well, I haven't done the Elven King's new year card though... >__> More accurately, haven't done any new year cards

Too many ships... I'm running around from Japan to Middle-earth, America, Wall Maria, Asgard, and maybe London also... haha...

I drew mostly elves though. ^^;;;

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Well, I'm gonna end my post here. Haven't done school's work. I think my LJ is being updated monthly because I'm too busy to write anything much. orz
Gotta work!

PS. If anyone wants a new year greeting card from me, send your address via PM. I'll send you one when I'm done with my business!
Also, I'll be making D&C, Thranduil, and Erwin&Levi postcard. Tell me which one (or two, or three?) you want. :D

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Sick of politics. Sick of mobs. Mobs everywhere...

My midterm exam schedule is a mess now. Don't know how it will end. -___-
One thing I know is that I missed a chance to go home.

Well, not a big problem but if they told me earlier, I would be at home with my family now.
But they unexpectedly told my friend at around 5 PM today (Saturday) that they cancelled the schedule on Monday and postponed one of the exam for a second time. =__=

I wouldn't mind if it's not the midterm exam.
Seriously...I think it's kinda hard to find certainty during these few weeks here. orzlll