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Back from the break!

Went to the sea with my friends after the final exam ended. Just came back to my dorm a few hours ago. ^^;;;

Tired, but it was fun. Tried snorkeling in the sea without life jacket... it was different from swimming in the pool. In the sea, it was easier to float around. I have just noticed this because whenever I go snorkeling, I have never taken the jacket off, for my own safety. :P (My dad always tells me to wear it when we go snorkeling, though he teaches swimming and life-saving.)

The corals were....normal... I mean, they weren't colorful. More likely monotone. Brownish. But there were many fishes. XD

And, last night I went to Walking Street, Pattaya, where there are so many prostitutes, yes. Didn't take any photos because I didn't bring a camera with me, and since my phone's camera is too slow, I'm kind of lazy to take a photo of anything. So many foreigners. Even I and my friends were sometimes greeted as foreigners. LOL

Didn't get into any shop, just walk around as a spectator. I have never been to this kind of places, and don't want to. I don't know... Feel a bit disgusting. Smokes, noises, thieves, and too many people. But I saw a gay bar. The boy in front of the shop was so uke-ish!! XD

There were mostly girls and transvestite though.

Well, overall, it was a great fun and good experience. Traveling with friends is surely different from going with family. More freedom, but less fund. LOL!
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