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Working at the drugstore, actually. Haven't experienced hospital work, but will have in the next rotation around 20 April til the end of May. Kinda happy because workhours start at 11. I can get up not too early... :P usually around 9 to 9.30 in the morning which is.... nice. XD

Don't know what to write, but I think I should update something just to state that I'm still active on LJ, even though not very often... ^^;;;
Also, need to use more English because I haven't had a chance to use it recently. My writing skills are declining, seriously... orz. Maybe if I have time, I might come up with a short story about something... well, still have no plots.

Didn't have much energy to do anything, even drawing fanart! I planned to start my final project while I'm still in Bangkok, but I'm too lazy at the moment. Lack of motivation, to be honest... haha... I only do dubbing some songs because I'm all alone in my dorm during workdays. :P *too shy to sing when not alone*

Ah... nothing to write. Just normal ramblings. I'm going to take a bath and go to bed. Tomorrow's my last day off for the first rotation. Gotta rest!
Tags: life

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