LightVampire (lightvampire) wrote,

Same? Yes, same.....I'm quite sure

It seemed that while I was in Japan, I went to the same nightclub where OnoD filmed his PV, Kiss Kiss Kiss.
It's in Shibuya. I remember the name, it's Camelot! It's located nearby Tower Record. I couldn't remember the way but the scenery was.....absolutely the same.

I've just noticed this after I watch the whole making and the PV. Well, I didn't even expect he would go to that club. I was thinking it looked familiar so I checked the photos I've got on my computer and... yes, it was the same.


Posted on Twitter already, but just to keep this story memorable... XD

This is beyond my expextation... hahaha!! I remember I went to that white counter (in the PV), where OnoD leaned against, to order something to drink.

I don't know what to say anymore... OMG... XDDD
I'm a crazy fangirl, I know!
Tags: fangirling, ono daisuke

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