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Too busy with last year's internship that I almost have got no time for fangirling.. OTL
And, you know what? I haven't had a proper moment to get into Tumblr for weeks. T__T
Tags: life

  • BLDC!

    You don't know how much I goosebump'd over this!!! #FangirlHard Atis Official Link

  • LOG

    Various doodles I made recently... uh Just got into JRR Tolkien's universe... I know I'm late, but Thranduil's just too fabulous! XD…

  • Same? Yes, same.....I'm quite sure

    It seemed that while I was in Japan, I went to the same nightclub where OnoD filmed his PV, Kiss Kiss Kiss. It's in Shibuya. I remember the name,…

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