HBD to me!

Another year has passed. Wish I could do well with my profession and internship! One more year!

Same? Yes, same.....I'm quite sure

It seemed that while I was in Japan, I went to the same nightclub where OnoD filmed his PV, Kiss Kiss Kiss.
It's in Shibuya. I remember the name, it's Camelot! It's located nearby Tower Record. I couldn't remember the way but the scenery was.....absolutely the same.

I've just noticed this after I watch the whole making and the PV. Well, I didn't even expect he would go to that club. I was thinking it looked familiar so I checked the photos I've got on my computer and... yes, it was the same.


Posted on Twitter already, but just to keep this story memorable... XD

This is beyond my expextation... hahaha!! I remember I went to that white counter (in the PV), where OnoD leaned against, to order something to drink.

I don't know what to say anymore... OMG... XDDD
I'm a crazy fangirl, I know!

It's settled!

I will be going to Japan from 22 - 31 August. First week in Tokyo I won't be able to do anything much...I suppose... Will only go to Toho University for meetings, conferences and activities.

But I will be staying in a hotel in Ikebukuro from 28 - 31. Last 3 days free are for traveling and shopping... Yayy~~~
Durarara!! Themes... wow.... Shizu-chan, Izaya and ANIMATE! ♥

LOG Erwin & Levi & DC

Haven't written anything here recently. I'm mostly active on twitter...

Most of these are Erwin & Levi. Mostly rough because I was too lazy to make CGs. ^^;;;
And, well, a few D&C just to remind myself that they're the voices of those two and my forever 3D otp. ♥

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Quick Post~!

Still alive!! (I wonder how many times have I said this word lol...)

Have been Erwin x Levi fangirl for quite a while since I saw anime casts....

Not just because of the cast, to be honest. I admit it 'was' mainly because of D&C, but for now, mainly because of the chemistry of them is... my favourite type.

Older man. (Yeah, Erwin & Levi are 30 something...)
I like the feeling of... errr.. situation like 'How could you be this ruthless and never lose your tears to anyone who died in the battlefield?'

They would actually hurt pretty much inside, but they can't show. I somehow think it's torturing.... ;A;

Okay, just another random fangirl post. Missing LJ. XD

And... err... one more thing... I will be in Tokyo from 22 to 31 Aug for APPS! Last 3 days I haven't had a proper plan yet, but... oh, well... may have to find more info... any recommendations? XD


Working at the drugstore, actually. Haven't experienced hospital work, but will have in the next rotation around 20 April til the end of May. Kinda happy because workhours start at 11. I can get up not too early... :P usually around 9 to 9.30 in the morning which is.... nice. XD

Don't know what to write, but I think I should update something just to state that I'm still active on LJ, even though not very often... ^^;;;
Also, need to use more English because I haven't had a chance to use it recently. My writing skills are declining, seriously... orz. Maybe if I have time, I might come up with a short story about something... well, still have no plots.

Didn't have much energy to do anything, even drawing fanart! I planned to start my final project while I'm still in Bangkok, but I'm too lazy at the moment. Lack of motivation, to be honest... haha... I only do dubbing some songs because I'm all alone in my dorm during workdays. :P *too shy to sing when not alone*

Ah... nothing to write. Just normal ramblings. I'm going to take a bath and go to bed. Tomorrow's my last day off for the first rotation. Gotta rest!

Back from the break!

Went to the sea with my friends after the final exam ended. Just came back to my dorm a few hours ago. ^^;;;

Tired, but it was fun. Tried snorkeling in the sea without life jacket... it was different from swimming in the pool. In the sea, it was easier to float around. I have just noticed this because whenever I go snorkeling, I have never taken the jacket off, for my own safety. :P (My dad always tells me to wear it when we go snorkeling, though he teaches swimming and life-saving.)

The corals were....normal... I mean, they weren't colorful. More likely monotone. Brownish. But there were many fishes. XD

And, last night I went to Walking Street, Pattaya, where there are so many prostitutes, yes. Didn't take any photos because I didn't bring a camera with me, and since my phone's camera is too slow, I'm kind of lazy to take a photo of anything. So many foreigners. Even I and my friends were sometimes greeted as foreigners. LOL

Didn't get into any shop, just walk around as a spectator. I have never been to this kind of places, and don't want to. I don't know... Feel a bit disgusting. Smokes, noises, thieves, and too many people. But I saw a gay bar. The boy in front of the shop was so uke-ish!! XD

There were mostly girls and transvestite though.

Well, overall, it was a great fun and good experience. Traveling with friends is surely different from going with family. More freedom, but less fund. LOL!
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