Kiss Kiss Kiss ♥

Just finished another DC doodle... Agh... I had no idea for my work so I... ended up drawing again... OTL

Be careful before you click. Not NSFW but just a warning in case you have to hide your BL habits. ;P

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And why I'm always up late these days... I don't know orz.... It's almost 3 AM here while I'm typing but I haven't finished editing my homework. orz orz orz|||

I'm really in despair. Aahhhh ;___;


Just for a record!

Nice date, isn't it? XD

6 days left for midterm exam... still fighting over various things I need to have them done. *Fighting!*
Heh... still alive. After exam I think I might start writing something D&C in English. Maybe. It's up to my laziness.

Need some fanservice to cheer myself up. XD

Lastly, for this entry

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How did I for get...?

To post something on my birthday.... OTL
Well, just for a record.. XD

Got THIS as a birthday present from hel_hela. Thank you sooooo much. XDD;;;
And an original character I drew for myself... LOL

Crappy quality... ^^;;; Too lazy to edit. :P

There are a few more things I got from my friends including t-shirt, sketch book, and Kerokerokeroppi's clear file. Kind of happy today except homework orz... Need to do SOAP note but I haven't actually read anything concerned. *shot*
Was working another work, up until a while ago. Making posters, well, rather drawing. ^^;;

Anyway, nothing else to write, so I'm gonna end here. > v <
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Another lazy post

Currently try making a doujinshi. This would take me ages to finish but... oh... I hope my drawing skills would increase after this. XD
Heya. I'm still alive. On school holidays right now. Next term will start next Monday. Hopefully I would have finished the rough draft before it started! which is less possible LOL!

Sample (rough)

Can't upload picture and add to post while writing a journal entry. Don't know why, but I'm too lazy to go to scraps page. ' v '
Once this thing is done, I think.. I'm gonna post it here again... well, may post some work progress before that here as well. But right now I need some tension to drive me to work towards this. Gyahh.... actually there's so many things I want to do during my holidays including this one, but there's not wnough time for me to do them all. orz

I wish I had more time. >__<;;

To my idol... ><;;;;;;

Happy birthday sloth_lethe さん! Sorry I didn't do full CG cos it would take me ages to finish.  >A<;;;
The fact is, I'm suck at coloring...

Anyway, wish you have a great birthday and happy life throughout this year! XD
My fanart isn't great, but I hope you like it!