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lightvampire's Journal

「 D ♥ C 」 ...Endless Fantasy...

Well... Firstly, I'd say English is not my first language, but I, myself, want to improve my English skills so mostly in this LJ, you'd find them in English (may not write grammartically correct). Nothing much on LightVampire's LJ... just rantings about life, fangirling about something I like or so. And I've got another blog I write in my mother language, Thai. It's Exteen. If you can read Thai, visit me there! And... by the way, most of the entries I write in both blogs are quite nonsense... really. And most of them are not locked. ^^;; But since LJ can friend-lock the post, I think I might post something that is kind of should-not-be-posted-in-public here. Anyway, back to the topic! If you want me to friend you, please ask and tell me why you want. As long as we're interesting in the same thing, I'll add you back. :) Friending costs no money so feel free to ask. :D